The Main Difference Between Cambridge International School Curriculum And Local

The Main Difference Between Cambridge International School Curriculum And Local

Taking education seriously  for children’s future is more than just an easy action. Parents should consider the best options, including the international standard education school. Cambridge international school is one of the best considerations. Its curriculum is a global standard known as better than the local one. But what is the difference? Here are the details to note!

Some differences between Cambridge and the local curriculum  

1. Subjects 

Both curricula have their intake in providing education, which shows the gap between them. Indonesian local curriculums from the beginning have and provide the same subjects to learn. But Cambridge has its way of providing the subject based on the student’s interest and talent. From the subject itself, Cambridge has its mission of bringing more for the students. 

To commit and provide the best learning for the students, the education body take the part in the learning. Global Sevilla Jakarta is a prime example of a school with a Cambridge curriculum. The school support character building, varying extracurriculars, and many supports for students to truly learn or develop their demands.  

2. Education Levels Ranges 

Cambridge international school has 4 different academic levels or pathways. It starts from primary for five to eleven years old students. There are also lower secondary, upper secondary and advanced for students 16-19 years old. Meanwhile, the local curriculum has three academic levels. They are a primary school, junior high school, and senior high school.   

3. Intermediate Language 

Intermediate language or the language used in teaching is completely different. The local Indonesian curriculum uses Indonesia or Bahasa, which is also part of the subject itself. The curriculum also does not limit the students to learning a foreign language such as English. But in Cambridge, the introduction language is fully in English for bigger culture, knowledge, and education structure.   

4. Test And Assessment 

It is given that both curricula have their particular test. In Cambridge international school the assessment by the curriculum is through checkpoints a the end of every level. The grading system help calculates capabilities in three subjects language, science, and math. Local or national curricula have annual tests and national exams as a grading system or graduation requirement.Cambridge is an international curriculum, so the standard of the school will be higher. Of course, there will be some flaws in every curriculum, but with the help of education, institution students can get the best learning. That is where your option goes to Global Sevilla Jakarta. Check out Global Sevilla one of the best international schools in Jakarta.

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